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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Avoid being "thou eunuch of language"

Some (hopefully useful) links on communication, literacy, writing, reading, academic language in the context of the classroom etc.

Broader Ideas:

How do you get students to write like an expert, when you’re not a “writing” teacher?  Here are some tips

Subject Specific Writing

Use specific criteria / rubrics (these are not great, mind but tho'.)

Use Expeditionary Learning School Protocols focussed on literacy and take their advice:

  • Learn less key words
  • Learn fundamental conceptual words
  • Revisit these in different contexts
  • Own the vocabulary by using these tools:

and use these tools / graphic organisers to help unpack key terms

Teaching command words

Using nominalisation?  Beware the zombie nouns


How do we get students to connect to a text? Close reading

Deciding on what words you should teach in reading:  Two tier words

Errors prevention / exercises / Reviewing